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Sat, Feb 16 at 14:00
Villa Arcadia

film thumb-the last rhinoTHE LAST RHINO Produced for Al Jazeera English (2012, 54 mins)
*Q&A with Jonah Hull to follow screening

The Last Rhino, produced by Jo'burg-born Al Jazeera correspondent Jonah Hull and South African film-maker, Clifford Bestall, "tells the story of a rhino cow attacked by poachers who come by helicopter," says Hull. "They dart her from the air with a powerful tranquiliser, a drug three thousand times more powerful than morphine. As she succumbs to deep sedation, they take a chainsaw to her face. The machine's sharp teeth tear into her skull, removing her nasal cavities, exposing parts of her brain. She remains asleep, but very much alive."

Jonah Hull is a roving correspondent based out of Al Jazeera's London broadcast centre and will be in Johannesburg for this year's festival. He has extensive experience covering breaking news, conflict and natural disasters around the world.

"The Last Rhino begins with a mother's improbable survival and ends with her giving birth. Amid tragedy, a calf is born. Life continues. But if there is an uplifting end to the rhinos' story, then it has yet to be written." says Hull.


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